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“The Artist” Vivek Shraya

“The Artist” Vivek Shraya

May 23, 2021

Listen to prolific and acclaimed Author, Playwright, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Filmmaker and dear long time friend of Elise, Vivek Shraya drop truth bomb after truth bomb about failure in the music industry, and how she discovered that owning her failures and the continued showing up for herself after she failed, was the way through the disappointment. 

A must listen for artists, singers and all creative beings or anyone who struggles with the concept of failure. 

“The Tough Cookie” Jessie Brown

“The Tough Cookie” Jessie Brown

May 2, 2021

To hear Jessie Brown sing is like hearing a soul painted on the outside of a body and this episode of The Vocal Warrior Podcast is no exception.

During this conversation, Jessie shares her empowered and resilient rise above a diagnosis of PTSD that at one point, had her thinking she'd lost her voice for good.  

Oh yeah, and we also talk about the harmful celebrated push to "hustle HARD" in the music industry and some cringeworthy stories about being a woman in the world of rock and roll !

Buckle up! it's a gooder!

So, grab your fave bevy, You don't want to miss this episode of The Vocal Warrior podcast!

How To Love Your Voice (and speak and sing with confidence)

How To Love Your Voice (and speak and sing with confidence)

April 19, 2021

From the workshop "How to Love Your Voice" (and speak and sing with confidence). 

Elise shares a couple of her favourite techniques to have a more embodied voice in the face of self doubt and performance anxiety. 

As well, she shares her 1:1 clients' most popular tip to conquer the inner critic AND the best way to hold your ground in a challenging conversation. 


There are exercises to help overcome nerves, plus a few minutes of affirmational group singing, YES ~ in the zoom room! 


Join Elise for an hour of tips on how to love your voice. 

The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist

March 28, 2021

Kate Rosen gets raw and real as she talks about her experiences as a large bodied singer in the musical theatre world. 

This interview is full of truth bombs and quote-able moments as we begin to dismantled fat phobia and radicalize and revolutionize the movement towards body justice on stage, on screen and in front of the microphone. 



The Phenomenologist

The Phenomenologist

March 16, 2021

Elise is joined by voice artist, educator, alexander technique practitioner and therapy student Alison Taylor for a moving and often times giggly conversation about voice embodiment and empowerment.

We’ll also chat about the phenomenon of phenomenology! (oooh, yes, it’s a gooder!)

From her early days reciting the poem “Daffodown Dilly” in a sunny yellow dress, to solo stages and cohorts with likeminded singers, Alison shares her journey to truth and discovery of her inner compass.

Vocal Warriors are built through courage and lived experience, and Alison shares hers graciously! 

Click to listen to this episode and discover why “tote’s mcgoats” is the phrase of the week! 

Ep 1: Introduction. Mama’s Bellbottoms.

Ep 1: Introduction. Mama’s Bellbottoms.

March 4, 2021

In this intro episode of Vocal Warrior, Elise Besler narrates her own hard won journey to vocal warrior-ship. 

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